Buying Cheap Geniune & Authentic Jordan Shoe’s in Australia

So you live in Australia and you want to buy a cheap pair of authentic or genuine Air Jordan shoes, maybe your chasing the latest colourway re-release retro Jordan hi-tops?

Well, let me cut to the chase –  stop! Just like Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game it’s a myth, it doesn’t exist.

Cheap or Cheap Jordan Shoes

This all comes down to how you determine the value of “cheap”, do you consider a pair of Jordan 13’s discounted from $280 down to $180.00 “cheap”, or are you expecting them to go under $100 bucks, say $59.965 pair.

There is a difference, one pair is made from inferior materials, it will not be genuine or authentic and in most cases looks similar but not the same and will probably fall apart well before the other. Alternatively, the other is genuine, authentic and is designed, made and endorsed by the Jordan brand, however I consider one cheap and a good value buy and the other cheap crap.

Can you guess which one is likely to be a fake?

Genuine or Fake

We get this questions a lot, ‘Can you tell me if these shoes are genuine or not, they appear too cheap?’ If you have toreal-or-fake-jordans-au ask this question, then you know the answer.

The art to buying cheap authentic Jordan shoes is knowing the difference between genuine or fake. If you want to by fake shoes then this article is not for you, go find a website named something like and hopefully you get them past customs or worse you get your delivery at all. Remember these sellers are scammers! They will say anything

Top 5 Buying Tips

  1. You can’t sell Nike shoes without a shopfront, if your buying shoes online make sure they have a physical store also.
  2. Check their colourways, Nike only release certain colorways. If their range is vast and varied and appear a little odd then this might raise alarms.
  3. Scrutinise the images, doe’s the logo look a little crooked or the sole looks slightly different etc. Check the seller’s image against those shown in Nike website etc.
  4. If it’s online, ask plenty of questions before reaching your decision on whether or not to purchase them, especially the shipping location, if in Asia – beware!
  5. Price, sometime you will find a bargain! If they are from reputable seller then things look good, but if all their shoes look cheap then beware.

Buy Genuine Jordan’s on Sale

This is a different thing all together, nothing wrong scouting online stores either here in Australia or overseas trying to find a bargain. Every now and then you may come across a genuine clearance sale, liquidated stock or end of run shoes which could be really cheap, however in most cases the seller is genuine, known and reputable.

Typical sale banner

What about eBay?

In short, best to avoid Jordan shoes from ebay. That being said, if you are happy to buy second-hand or worn shoes then this could be an ideal place.  Don’t get me wrong, there are genuine shoes sold on everyday, but the majority are sold as authentic but fakes inherently arrive at your doorstep.

We have found it difficult at times to decipher which shoes seller are legit and which are fake or counterfeit, so if you’re after the real deal then this marketplace is not for you.

Where to Buy Cheap Jordan’s?

Again, as mentioned earlier, cheap is at the discretion of the buyer and their wallet. But rarely are you going to find a pair of J’s under $100 AU let alone a recent release style.

So if you happy to buy genuine but not full retail price, then we recommend trying these online stores to get you started, some are in Australia and others are in USA.

  1. Nike – Jordan Clearance Store
  2. Brand House Direct
  3. East Bay
  4. Final Score
  5. Sneakernstuff
  6. Sneakerhead


P.S – Wilt Chamberlain did indeed score 100 point’s that was no myth, more a super human feat.