7 Things You Must Know Before Buying Basketball Shoes Overseas

Do you really know how much those discounted Air Jordan’s or LeBron Soldiers from are going to cost you? Maybe you don’t care! To help you understand the process better here a 7 essential things you must be aware of before purchasing basketball shoes overseas. Please note that this article has been written for Australian’s but the same rules apply not matter what country you live in.

(1) International Shippinginternational-shipping-policy-screenshot

Before you go spending hours looking through US basketball shoe stores for that perfect pair of kicks, the first thing you should always do is read their international shipping policies. Don’t wait till you go through the checkout process and fill in all your details just to find out they cannot ship the shoes to you. Many online shoe stores will not ship to Australia, also beware that they may have trade restrictions placed on certain items. For example do not ship all their shoes to Australia, some can only be sold within the US.


(2) Shipping Costs

If you can, always try to find out the shipping costs before browsing. Again, don’t waste your time looking through their store if they are going to ask for your right arm to ship them Jordan Retro’s to Australia.
Reputable sites will display their shipping fees either on the product page or via a link in the footer of the page.

Some stores may have flat rates, others charge a percentage of the checkout price and others are calculated during checkout.

During our time buying basketball shoes, we recommend flat rate shipping as other methods tend to be comparatively high. Also, if they do not advertise the shipping price chances are they will be quite high if calculated during checkout.


(3) Exchange Rate

It is probably an obvious charge and one many consumers are aware of. Again, to save time many of the reputable stores have currency exchanges rates built into their stores, if this does not occur automatically you can usually find an exchange rate icon somewhere near the top of the page.

If not, that’s ok too. We here at do not have exchanges rates at this stage because we like to look after Australians first and foremost. However, if you want to know what the current exchange rate might be say between US / UK and AUD simply Google it. Google will tell you.

You need to beware of the currency the website trades in, such as Euro, British Pounds, CAD, AUD or USD. If not, you may get a big surprise! In general, terms the Australian Dollar is less than the main western countries.

(4) International Transaction Feesinternational-transaction-fees

This charge catches most by surprise and only really made aware of when you get your credit card statement. In Australia, most banks will charge you a transaction fee for international purchases. From what we can gather this is usually somewhere around 3% (2.5% – 3.5%), depending on which card type it is and your bank.

For example, we recently purchased $900.00 worth of basketball shoes from the US for me and some mates, we were charged an extra $28.00 by our bank. Remember this charge is on top of the exchange rate and shipping charges. Things start adding up, don’t they!


return-policy(5) Returning Your Shoes

So what happens if your shoes arrive and they are the wrong size, don’t fit, wrong colour, there is mark on them etc. What are your obligations.
The return policy varies from store to store, many offer standard charges or free returns for domestic purchases, however internationally you are likely going to need to pay your own way.

Firstly, you need to contact the supplier to notify them of the exchange, then you will need to securely wrap the parcel and arrange shipment back to the US or UK or wherever they came from. By the way, it will most likely cost more than the charge you paid to receive them, as you are not entitled to bulk shipping discounts as they are.

As a general rule is will cost around $40.00 plus insurance. Yes! You should have insurance, as if it gets lost you will not be refunded.

If your basketball shoes arrive, as long as they are in good order and have not been damaged during shipment you may be entitled to an exchange, refund or credit depending on their policy.
Be aware, that some stores charge a re-stocking fee. This means they will take a percentage of the sale generally somewhere between 20%-30%, also if the goods arrive damaged they may not honour the refund.

(6) Import Duty & GST

Many countries like Australia will charge and import duty and gst on imported goods. Australia have a threshold for which deliveries over $1,000.00 AUD will incur 5% import duty and 10% gst. Yes! You could pay an extra 15% on your basketball shoes at the border before collection.

(7) Delivery Timesdelivery-times

Delivery time are rarely accurate, that is because once the items is dispatched the seller has not control over what happens to it. Even though the seller might say arrives in 3-5 days, do not be surprised if it takes 2-3 weeks. This is very common.
Your shoes may pace by 6 or 7 seven countries before landing in Australia, insurance is a must.
If you plan on getting your son a pair of Jordan for his birthday next week, strongly recommend you buy locally to avoid disappointment.

After all of the above, just have a think about how much those cheap pair of Jordan’s are going to cost you? The advertised price is not the amount that is going to be withdrawn from your bank account, hopefully they arrive in one piece, are genuine and on time.
Avoid many of those unnecessary costs, buy basketball shoes from local retailers like us and many others and you may save a lot of money and heart ache in the process.

Some international purchase examples and chargesshop-local-australia
Jordan AJ 1 High Retro
One sale $120.00 US
Delivery Fee $40.00 US
Exchange Rate $212.00 AUD (160 US)
Transaction Fee $7.20 AUD
Shoe Total $219.20 AUD (Buy now at for $169.00 + $20 express shipping)
You Save $30.20 AUD

Lets say you did what we did and bought some for your mates
4 x Jordan 3 OG ( Very Popular Shoe – Sold out in most stores)
RRP $220.00 US
Delivery Fee $40.00 US
Exchange Rate $345.00 AUD per pair
4 Pairs $1,380.00 AUD
Transaction Fee $41.40 AUD
Import Duty $207.00
Purchase Total $1,629.40 AUD (Buy now at for $967.50 + $80 express shipping)
You Save $581.90